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April 21, 2015

Roger Moore, Dorothy Squires, at home, 1958,

Roger Moore and his wife, singer Dorothy Squires, in 1958 in their cool 50s Home Bar.

This time last year, on May 1 2014, we were just were opening the doors to our first exhibition. It was meant to be a one-0ff tribute to a great photographer who deserved to be better known.

The show was such a hit, so much has happened since and so many people have asked to know more about George and his life and work, that we decided to build this website to tell the story and keep track of what’s happening to the pictures.

George himself would have been amazed and probably appalled – he never saw the point of what he called The Internet Thing – but we hope you will enjoy exploring it now, and return to keep up to date with the legacy he left us.

We still have hundreds of rolls of film to check out and thousands of images to squint at. Who knows what else we’ll find?

Meanwhile here’s one that just emerged from the files:  Roger Moore before his 007 days, proudly showing off his newly built bar in the corner of his home in Bexley in 1958.